Split Wood Faster With the Power of a Hydraulic Splitter and the Speed of Your Skid Loader

What Makes Us Better?

At TM Manufacturing we focus on strength and speed. We believe if you're going to split wood with your skid loader, you need the strongest, fastest and most efficient design. We believe that a skidsplitter must be fast to justify splitting wood with your skid loader. With the TM SkidSplitter you will not be disappointed with your productivity. We are a family business and all of our products are made proudly in the USA.

Seeing is Believing

Increase your speed and make perfect cuts every time with the SkidSplitter's unique viewing window - available on the TM Pro 2 and the TM Pro. Call us today and we'll assist you in matching a SkidSplitter to your machine and wood splitting needs.

Multiple Wedges

The TM Pro 2 SkidSplitters have a combination of three different wedges that can be quickly interchanged, without any tools. With a single split, 4-way, and 6-way wedge, and optional custom-made wedges, you've always got the right wedge for the job.

Designed for Speed

All TM SkidSplitters are designed for maximum speed. Features for speed include the viewing window, multiple aggressive wedges, and an oversized rod in the cylinders.


Our SkidSplitters are the most reliable on the market. Buying a TM SkidSplitter means you won't have to buy another splitter ever again. With 9 different models, 3 different strokes, and 3 different cylinder sizes, you'll get exactly the splitter you need.


Introducing the
TM Spade Blade

Now you can turn your skid loader into high performance digging machine with the TM Spade Blade. Use it to dig up rocks, stumps, and trees, or to quickly dig holes, make trenches, and more!

Have you ever grabbed a square nose shovel when you needed a spade? Now you know what your skid loader feels like.

This is the only place you can find a spade shovel for your skid loader.

What People are Saying

I have had my splitter now for over 1 year. 36 inch HD. This thing will pick up 20” logs by 16' long without a problem. When it comes to splitting there is nothing this beast has met it cant split. Best money I ever spent.

Jerry Williams, Brighton MI

We calculate that we are now processing wood 3X faster by adding your splitter to our system. The high quality of this unit is very impressive. I would not be surprised if you find yourself shipping more units to our little town in remote Alaska.


Matt is a man of his word! When I saw my Pro 30 splitter come off of the truck, I was impressed. When I was able to use it, I became a believer! This machine is heavily built, the workmanship is excellent, and it performs smoothly. My only regret is not purchasing sooner!

Tim Chambers, Pfafftown NC

I have tried my new splitter and have not managed to slow it down with red or burr oak and some elm pieces. I am very happy so far.


I've been burning wood for over 30 years and have been using the Warrior model for 3 years now. I buy a lot of railroad tie cull logs that are large and sometimes full of knots. I've also used it on large dead elms on my farm. The Warrior splits them all with ease. It's allowed me to keep burning wood at 65 years of age. I would recommend your product to anyone.

Dave Vetrano, Bangor, WI

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Why TM Splitters?
Because trees can get
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